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Company Profile

Company Profile


Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is specializing in Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), Aquarium and Raw Water Treatment System. We have developed into an integrated water treatment company which combined R&D, manufacture, installation, maintenance and sales together. And we have a group of capable technical personnel in the field of mechanical, electrical, automatic control, water treatment technology, water quality monitoring, and aquaculture technology and so on.

First Inland Seawater RAS
Australia Gadus RAS
Turkmenistan--Indoor RAS

Guangzhou Zhonghang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
Specializing in the design and production of industrial recirculating aquaculture systems and aquaculture equipment

TELL:+86 020-82249699
PHONE:+86 13580430183 +86 13828444727
ADD: No.6, Zhonger The Third Industrial Zone, Panyu District
Guangzhou CATIC environmental protection is a factory producing recirculating water aquiculture system and equipment. The products such as protein separator, ozone machine, drum micro filter and ultraviolet sterilizer are sold well both at home and abroad


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